Remote access to your linux terminal encrypted trough Jabber chat services

What is PigTerm?

Ever tried to help one of your colleagues with his Linux computer trough instant messaging? Have you ever found yourself in painful and infinite loop of typing the commands in the chat window, waiting for your slow typing friend to type that correct or incorrectly in the terminal, read the result and type it back to you all the day long until you find out the main problem and a solution for it?

Have you ever wished of a way to connect the chat window to the terminal, so that whatever you type to your friend, will be directly sent to his terminal and whatever the result is will be sent back to you?

PigTerm connects you to your/your friends/your office Linux computer’s terminal trough Jabber messaging (XMPP Protocol). So that you do not need ssh access to do this.
Think of pigterm as a Remote Assistant for Linux Console.
This is useful specially when your remote computer do not have a valid IP address.
The software uses QXMPP opensource library. The complete code of this library is imported into source tree so that you do not need to compile and install that first.


All communication is encrypted using QCA Library. The encryption method is RSA using OAEP Alghorithm.

Export Regulations

The software does not involve with export control regulations as in QCA ( Site they wrote:

Functionality is supplied via plugins. … . Also, by pushing crypto functionality into plugins, your application is free of legal issues, such as export regulations.


  • No valid IP/ssh access/VPN Server is needed
  • RSA Encrypted communication
  • Complete control over remote computer’s terminal
  • Control keys are supported
  • Ncurses programs like mc are also supported
  • Running the screen command on remote computer is fully supported (And recommended)
  • Auto-reconnect after connection failure or disconnection